Friday, October 22, 2010

Wonderful Neighbor On The Gulf


  1. Look at the phone number for Naples Printing and you will see that it was MIdway 2-6531. Back in those days, you only had to dial the last five numbers. Then we had to add the 62 for MIdway and so it went.

    Give you an idea of how small Naples was if there could be no more than 9,999 phones total.

    Marty Jones

  2. Only phone number I still remember is Nick's Liquors...2-5555. Wonder WHY?--grin!

    BTW, how do I become a member of Naples--Before Everyone Else Moved Here? How many years to qualify--grin! And...if this is a group, I wanna be IN! Can you advise me?

  3. HI Brookside Homeboy. I lived in naples in the 1960s. Went to Lake Park Elementary. What happened to my girlhood best friend, Jody Hill?

    email me at frances dot simons at gee mail dot com, do please. Have wonderful photos of Naples back in the days, including Hurricane Donna, which I recall quite well.

  4. Hi Brookside Homeboy, I lived on Holiday Lane in the 60's. I am having a pre-senior moment. What was the name of the family in Brookside who operated an ice cream truck? Was it MacKenzie?