Friday, October 28, 2011

Beach Store Summer 1968

Dab Barber, Norman Zeller & Brookside Homeboy.

Photo credit Jeannie Cornett


  1. Is that Brent's red GS 400 parked there?

  2. No the car in the picture is a 65 Chevy Impala (tailights). Brent's GS 400 was a true red 1967 with a white vinyl top that was eventually sold to Jim Fredrickson. I spent a lot of time in that car including a trip to Miami to see Iron Butterfly perform In-a-ga-da-da-vi-da in concert at the Jai-Ali Fronton. That was a very fast car and it became a very "quick car" when it received a 4:33 rear gear formerly of Jerry Davis' '68 GTO (before he traded it in).

    Seagate Homeboy
    NHS Class of 1967

    8:27 pm PST