Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thanks For 50 GREAT Years Publix #76!


  1. June of 66 Dad moved our family here from Miami after being recruited here by Drs. Bruce Boynton and Louis Moore. (Nick Kalvin - full time Naples doc #13 and 1st specialist - eyes) Moving into little house on 5th Ave N. We arrive Friday night, camp out on air mattresses, with movers coming Saturday. Saturday late - 12 noon - the movers show, but won't take a check; won't unload the truck without cash money. Mom - close to but not yet hysterical with a 4 month old, a 4 year old and 6 year old, smack in the middle of a move ordeal that is stressful even when going right... A neighbor tells dad to check out Publix - the only thing open on a Saturday.They might cash a check? Dad races to Publix, introduces himself to the manager and explains situation. The Publix manager asks how much we need, cashed Dad's check, and then told him to come back up later and he'd put together some rudimentary supplies, cleaning stuff, mop, broom, snacks, cokes, etc as a housewarming gift.

    The Kalvins have been devout Publix shoppers for 45 + years... We also loved Wynn's but that day in the Summer of 66 at Publix #76 is a fond memory of how things used to be...

    1. Yes, so true -- when people trusted people !!! Publix bailed us out once on a rare trip to Disney World. We ran out of money, had no gasoline, no lunch, nothing to drink, & a 9yr old son who was scared because his parents were scared about how we'd get home! All we had was one personal check !!! But low & behold we saw a Publix & we prayed they'd cash our check so far from home (Naples, Fl.). They cashed our check, no problem! They gave us $35.00 (if I remember correctly), it was enough to get food & drinks so we wouldn't be hungry or thirsty on the long ride home & it gave us enough gasoline to get hone!!!

  2. Geezers, yes -- greezers , no !!!