Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Beach Store And Naples Theatre

What can I say, this place along with it's owners (Margaret & Arnold Haines) defined what was GREAT about early Naples. It was the hub of activity in the late 60's mostly because that's all there was to do. The theatre had an auto dispensing soda machine & the cup would drop down but NEVER upright. You'd usually get a half cup of syrup & some ice & a hand full of soda trying to stand the cup upright. I guess that's what the Crying Room was for you were always 10 cents poorer & still thirsty.

1963 Phone Number
Naples Theatre
1157 3rd Street South
MIdway 2-2856

1946 Phone Number #69 2-Digit Only

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  1. For a while when I was 12, I worked behind the counter in the Beach Store, grilling hotdogs, burgers, and making chocolate shakes. Had to get Mr. Haines to dump the Coke syrup into the big fountain dispenser, though; it was too heavy for me to lift. (Remember going to the movies for 25 cents?!)


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