Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Old Trailways Bus Station Building & Beach Cab Company

The building is still there at the east end of the new parking garage on 9th Street & 6th Avenue South. The businesses are both gone & so is the water tower, but I guess you'd have to had fell off the turnip truck not to know that one wouldn't you?

1963 Phone Numbers
Trailways Bus Depot MIdway 2-2925
Beach Cab Cartwright MIdway 2-4114


  1. I worked in shipping at the bus station one summer. This was before UPS was so big, and a lot of stuff was shipped by bus, like tires,
    flowers,lobsters,dry ice,etc. There was a little coffee shop next door where I used to get lunch for about $2.00 Great job, I wish it was available now.

  2. I remember that to Stumpy. Clara was the waitress and they used to put 7up in the pancake batter...mmmmmmmm, good!


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