Thursday, May 13, 2010

School Crossing On 2 Lane North 41

Jeff, Vince & Linda Wood crossing Highway 41 @ 14th Avenue North (Pippins or Chris' Gourmet Castle) Sergeant Bob Dennis NPD stopping traffic.
Photo probably taken in 1964


  1. Great picture! The Woods were our next door neighbors...I could't have asked for more fun people to grow up with!!


  2. Look at those hours.I went to the wrong school! Out at 2:30. That must have been wonderful.

  3. You know the more I see pictures like this, I can't help but think Barney and Andy will show up in a photo. A seaside Mayberry, we were all so fortunate!

  4. DPS, you are so right! It was so cool growing up in paradise. I often wonder what happened? How could the ruination of such a utopia happen? Again, that old Joni Mitchell song comes to mind. You know the one.

    Would I view my childhood differently than those that lets say, who grew up in Michigan? Do the stories of sled rides, building snowmen and making snow angels bring on the same memories in the minds of our northern friends?

    I don’t know, but I think my recollections of running around with no shoes all year long, hanging out at the beach all day, and never owning a winter coat, trumps snow stories any day of the week! But that’s just me.

    The weather certainly helped to insure paradise, but really, I suppose the sweetest memories come directly from this town itself. The familiar tone of Naples. The “Mayberry” quality was most definitely apparent in that everyone knew everyone else with only a fraction of a degree of separation. Now? I couldn’t tell you the name of my any of my neighbors who live only feet from my front door. None of them.

    I suppose everyone, everywhere has fond childhood memories, but really, I have to think that those of us that grew up in this beautiful place, somehow we were very lucky and dare I say it? Doesn’t that make our memories somehow superior? Probably not.

    I just don’t know what it was like to grow up anyplace else so what do I know? Right?

    Thanks for the great photos, homeboy! Always a pleasure to stop by!

    Lake Park Home Girl.

  5. Well put LPHG. Thank you for expressing in words the feeling that so many of us share.

    Seagate Homeboy
    NHS Class of ‘67

    11:32 p.m. PDT

  6. I'll 2nd that LPHG. You just brought back 1,000 great memories with your comment.


  7. Well with out sounding the same, I agree LPHG. I think not only did we grow up in paradise but it also was a special time. We had the fruits of our parents labor, no world war, no depression and such. Crime was almost non-existent . As you could leave your front door unlocked or your keys in your car. Freedom back then as a kid was different than today. Although a child today would tell you they have freedom also, but they don't, at least not like ours. I remember taking my boat at age 12 or so picking up friends and their boats and spending the night on Marco Island over night parent free. Back then we could walk the whole town, regardless if you knew any one, because everyone was friendly. Today, you don't let your kids out of your sight. So times have changed. I think it was a rare circumstance in time of history if you will, that we had. A little piece of paradise in a Mayberry life style. With all the thanks to our parents for picking Naples and providing a life style that we had.

    Now living up north, and having seen both sides of the coin, I’m with you, barefoot no winter clothes is the way to be. Such fond memories in deed and thanks to Brookside homeboy and Seagate homeboy for helping us re-live those special moments!

  8. Re the photo: that is Linda and Vince Wood from right to left, but not Jeff. A Faerber maybe?