Monday, June 21, 2010

Boston Whaler Ad

My dad bought an early Boston Whaler from Phil Morse at Boat Haven. This is a picture from one of the original ads. Somewhere there is a picture of the aft section being driven away with an outboard while another fellow rows the bow section in another direction.

This one . . . I'm still lookin' for the guy rowing the bow section . . .


  1. Danny Wall; is this you? You need a more obvious contact and link info because I'm guessing on this one. Matt Kurke

  2. Note to Matt:

    Brookside Homeboy is the originator of this blog and indeed used to visit Al’s cabin in Rabun County with Andy.

    Seagate Homeboy (moi) used to hang out with your late brother Bill. I visited/stayed with you in Clayton twice during the summer of '72. Once to get the jetting right on a Solex 40 P-11, and once to have you help me build a new motor after I blew up the first one. I remember names like DQ Brazier, Ty Queen, and Debby Kinney (from the pool hall)

    A lot of the focus of this blog (at least the pictures) is now appearing at "facebook" on the page entitled The Real Naples.

    Seagate Homeboy
    NHS Class of '67

    8:58 a.m. PDT

    p.s. I definitely remember your silver sedan "sleeper" and the '67 911S that you kept on blocks in the barn.

  3. Shall we play "Taps" on "The Real Naples"?????


    1. Naw, I still stop by a few times a year . . .

      Seagate Homeboy
      NHS Class of '67