Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marco Beach

Taken from Marco Beach Hotel & Villas.


  1. do'nt you have anymore videos?

  2. That's the old Marco Island Beach Hotel & Villas. They had a pitch and putt on site. This picture pre-dates the construction of the tower by probably 8 to 10 years. The Hilton didn't exist - in fact, when this picture was shot, the paved road ended just beyond the southern side of the hotel, and the only thing south of it on or near the beach was the weather station. I have forgotten the name of the condo off in the distance, but it was the first "high rise" on the island. And to think - we grumbled about the shadow it cast over the beach during the morning hours!

  3. The "weather station" south of it was really the old U.S. Air Force Missile Tracking Station used by Deltona as a concrete plant and construction storage site (at "the Point" - now Cape Marco). Oh and the condo in the distance is Emerald Beach - the first condo on the beach.