Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Real Naples On Facebook

The Real Naples is on Facebook now! Photo's only with a brief description (I'm bored with my stories its easier this way).



  1. Brookside Homeboy...All us out here under the tree are still checking back here for you!

  2. I'm just shocked that Brookside Homeboy has to have a real job. I thought he was retired and just coasting through life. A real beach bum, my hero per say. Now I find out he's just like one of us, a working slob. Go figure!

  3. Facebook? Really Homeboy? Come on!

    I think you need to read my blog entry at naplesnews.com. Look for “opinion” click on “blogs” and then look for “Stuff That Fell Out While I was Thinking by Tara Linn” Click on the green bar with my blog name and then look for my entry “Face me Tweet me Anyway You Want Me” and you will understand my consternation.

    Facebook? Really?

    Love, LakePark Homegirl