Friday, June 4, 2010

The "GREATEST" Naples Roadtrip!

I don't know if this relates to Naples but in Homeboy's kookie little world it does. Plus the Rolling Stones album Exile On Main Street just got re released so I'm gonna let this fly. Me & 3 of my friends (Andy Mclenon, Scott Kepp & Barry Johnson) loaded up & drove to Charlotte North Carolina to see the Stones. Incredible tickets front center, 10 feet back in front Keith's amp wholly cow one of the truly greatest things, show, summer vacation in one trip, one summer. Scott has since passed away & so this is kinda my little tribute to him & the summer of 72. If you ever read how how good the Stones were that year triple that by times 10, its still burnt into my memory...

Middle photo: Scott Kepp all others Brookside Homeboy.

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  1. Wasn't this around the time that "someone" streaked The Other Place?