Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Souvenir Of Hurricane Donna Final Part

This souvenir booklet belonged to Reva Mullins, the mother of a lifelong friend of mine. Reva moved to Naples from Dayton, Ohio with her sons Rick & Don Spicer, in 1957. Don told me they moved here around Christmas time & rented the guesthouse @ 144 10th Ave South. First thing they did was run to the pier & go for a swim. All the locals stared at them like they were crazy after all it was in the middle of winter, so they had to be tourists. The next Christmas they stood on the pier & stared at the new tourists swimming these brutal winter waters. Reva eventually moved to Mullins Street (if that doesn't tell you what a small town it was, nothing will) where she lived for the remainder of her life. She passed away in June of 2007. I was originally going to Photoshop her notes out of this booklet but after reading them they were to me just as important and historic as the pictures.

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