Monday, June 22, 2009

Tamiami Sportcycle

If you rode a dirtbike in Naples in the 1970's there's a good chance you bought it from Mal or Marty Schrednitz. I can't recall how many Saturdays I spent along with my allowance at Tamiami Sportcycle. The Yamaha Enduro was kinda a way of life in Naples & they ALWAYS gave the police something to do all week. The majority of my teenage friends were from riding dirtbikes & Naples had miles of woods to ride in. This commercial was shot in 1978 with Marty doing the stunt riding. Also driving the silver Continental was the late Skip Gage an incredible artist & local rider. Parts of this TV commercial were shot in Wing South Airpark & Naples Airport. Marty also taught me how to ride a motorcycle in the car wash parking lot across the street & thanks to Marty I still ride to this day.

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