Monday, June 29, 2009

The Banana Factory

A cool little rock band that played anywhere (and when I say anywhere means there hardly was such a place) back in the late 60's. I saw a few of their shows one that sticks out was on the pavilion at Lowdermilk Park. In the late 60's & early 70's there was NOTHING for younger people to do, I have to laugh when kids complain now. The show they played at the park was one of the 1st things I remember where there was something cool to do. It was late in the afternoon around sunset & I can remember how amazing the gulf looked & how GOOD that band sounded. The only thing that came close was another rock band named The Jesters they defined what made the Swamp Buggy Parade cool. Vince Wood Jr was the drummer for the Factory & if you lived in Naples then you knew Vince he was always around town & was one very talented person. Vince passed away February 18th 2007 a truly sad day, thanks for the memories you were part of what made growing up here great!

The Factory L to R: Jack Briggs, Russ Clarke, Craig Jaworski, Vince Wood, Susie Dysert & Bill Meek.

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