Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seagate 1968

When my dad got the keys to his new house in February of 1960, we were the 10th family to live out here. It's about six miles from Four-Corners and before I had a drivers license, a trip to town other than church or school was a big deal.


It's changed a little since then and it's still six miles to Four-Corners, but I guess a trip into town is no longer a big deal.

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  1. Hey SH I guess we were distant neighbors and I remember it like the pictures. Things have changed a lot in 41 years. I think it was about 10 miles to town from Vanderbilt Beach, a very long walk if I didn’t catch a ride from you or somebody going way out there. Vanderbilt Beach? “What country is that”

    Vanderbilt Beach Homeboy