Friday, April 23, 2010

4th Avenue North & 41

Interesting in this photo Thunderbird Motel, the Esso Gas Station, Tropics Drive-In & Dairy Queen which believe it or not is still there. Also in this photo Mr. Donut, Barley's Paint Store, OK Tire Store & Pittman Funeral Home.
Courtesy the Les Whitaker Jr. family.
Retouched photo taken August 16th 1968


  1. Hey.... found your blog while surfing, had a blast looking at the photos & remembering. I lived on Holiday Ln when Beatlemania hit, grew up, wandered around as far as the Gate and moved back to Estey for a few years. Brookside is hands down the best place in Naples still to this day. Anyway, if you read this feel free to add me on facebook. Martysuzi Gere And yeah, I played in the street on 4 corners, bought pig skins at Chritales (sp) market & learned to swim under the Gordon River Bridge when Tin City was my grampas boat shop. Those days were beautiful!

  2. Addendum to the previous comment: The "pig skins", ("Fried Pork Rinds") likely came from Chris-Tal Market on the SE corner of 41 east and 10th St. South. It was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ellis (Talley and Chris) who had help (back in the day) from their 2 sons Clyde and Bruce. It was a neat old privately owned grocery.

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