Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lake Park Area From Goodlette Road

In this photo the old Lake Park Elementary School, Goodlette Road newly paved, the railroad tracks along Goodlette, the rear of Chris' Gourmet Castle.
Also the empty field between Royal Castle & Chris' Gourmet Castle.
Retouched repost photo taken August 16th 1968.
Courtesy of the Les Whitaker Jr. family.


  1. Nice view of the Beach Club golf course and the Holiday Inn too.

    People don't believe you when you tell them there use to be railroad tracks in Naples.

  2. Tha’s what I’m talking about . . .!

    Ya see the last intersection on the lower left . . . that’s just about where I remember Goodlette Road (County Road***) ending around 1965/66.

    Me and the boys would race out of the High School parking lot and head south to this intersection where we HAD to turn right or run out of road . . . and then we would turn left and race through the neighborhood on 13th Street North, then right on 8th Avenue North which would get us to a left turn on 10th St. N. for a run to Central Avenue or points beyond. This was all done “grabbing gears” and “squealing tires” going around the corners. At the time this was a “no-stop-sign-non-stop-route”.

    Unfortunately Sgt. James Spohn lived on 8th Avenue North and was none to happy about such goings on . . . so one afternoon he positioned his patrol car behind a hedge and as we went by . . . well, the rest is self-explanatory.

    Racing your honor . . . ?

    (Yeah, THAT Judge Stanley)

    p.s. You can see Capt. Bob Johnson’s milk truck (Miami Herald delivery) across from the front of Lake Park School at the corner of 12th Street and 14th Avenue North.

    Seagate Homeboy
    NHS Class of ‘67

    3:23 p.m. PDT

  3. Great, great picture of my neighborhood. I lived on 11th Court North. Other houses on the street where the Dearths, Powell's, Larrabee's, Winters, Smiths, and ours which at the time of the photo was owned by the Yanaco's. To the North of Lake Park Elementary was an old pasture that used to have a cow dip ( a place to wash and de-tick the cows)we played around long after it was vacant. Ah and the nights the mosquito truck would go through the neighborhood and like other kids of Naples we would ride our bikes in the fog. If I remember right that was Royal Castle South of the vacant lot on 41 with Chris's Gourmet Castle on the North side of the vacant lot. Oh what memories!! Thanks Seagate and Brookside!!!

  4. Across from the Beach Club Golf Course corner (S. Golf Drive and 41) you can see the Shell gas station (Wadsworth/ Minier). Next door to the north would be Robin’s Dodge” home to “Maxwell and Saraceno“ custom wheels/speed parts and drag racing team D/modified production 1963 Chevy Impala SS.

    Yep, Winn-Dixie Qwik-Chek is in the picture too. Others in the W-D center were Hodges Hair Stylist, Sears-Roebuck, Pedro’s Shoes (RIP Nicky #33) and Wadsworth Coin Laundry. The Hess Gas station and 7-11 are visible at the corner of 7th Avenue North as is the Naples Convalescent Center.


    11:25 p.m. PDT

  5. SH, thanks for the flashback on the Sears-Roebuck catalog store in the Winn-Dixie plaza. I remember going to pick up my "ThoughSkins" blue jeans there with my parents. You know, the kind that could stand in the corner by themselves until washed 250 times. You could order anything in the catalog and it would either come by Greyhound, Trailways bus, or frieght in about 2weeks.


  6. I can see my house on the far side of US41, kinda in between the Royal Castle and Chris'.

    For trivia fans, Chris' was originally built as Burger Giant, but it didn't really catch on so they sold it to Chris and then it became a teen hangout. My dad's company (Jones & Braido) actually built the Burger Giant store.

    The Royal Castle was built a number of years earlier and was open all night. Also known as the "aluminum room" or the "RC steakhouse", it had the same menu as Krystal does now adays.

    Finally - the proper spelling is "Kwik-Check" - I worked there for a while (couldn't get on at the oh-so-fashionable Publix) in '69 as a bagger / stockboy.

    Marty Jones (Coquina Sands Homeboy???)
    NHS class of 70

  7. i see my old house - 1248 13th ave so.
    the big semi-circle driveway and the small now huge Banyan tree in the middle.
    I remember our Halloween nights. No parents came along, but our Unicef box had to be full!
    And chasing after the Misquito truck, was fun, but i don't think it affected me. And chasing after the Misquito truck, was fun, but i don't think it affected me...