Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Naples 60's & 70's Era Characters

A good number of these people have passed away & when my mind wanders back then it gets pretty sad. This is my little tribute to some these guys. If you lived here back then you probably knew some of them.

1st photo: Brent Collins & Johnny Frye
2nd photo: Jeff Barber & Roger Morris
3rd photo: Dab Barber
4th photo: Dave Clements
5th photo: Brad Macintire & Danny Farmer
6th photo: Brookside Homeboy

Note to readers please pay attention, the 3 words "A GOOD NUMBER" of these people have passed away. Please don't panic & think you might have died. If that was true you wouldn't be reading this because I Brookside Homeboy am still among the living. :)

My favorite Jeff Barber story is he would stand on the pier & tell tourists that the pier was there to separate the salt water side from the fresh water side. You could catch fresh water fish on one side & salt water fish from the the other side. :)

Photo's #1-5 Courtesy Kathy Keely Smith
Photo #6 Courtesy Howard Green


  1. #6 Brooksidestarfarian


  2. Every now and then I am a man of few words, this is one of those times . . . .

    Great pictures!


    2:56 p.m. PDT

  3. Every now and again, I remember to look at this blog...Cathy Johnson told me about it some time ago, anyway, just crising through the pictures and I think the one you have labeled as Jeff and Roger is actually, Jeff and Brad Schweppe...I know Jeff passed, but, what about Brad? And, did David Clemmons pass, too? I guess I am just out of touch.
    The pictures are great...I am going to look for some of my old stuff.
    Don DeVoe 4-26-2010

  4. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Some Naples 60's & 70's Era Friends":

    The only picture you could have taken of Jeff Barber and Brad Schweppe together would be Jeff hanging Brad off the pier by his ankles or beating the crap out of him.Jeff took great pleasure in torturing Brad or any unlucky smaller kid that happened to be around.Sadly,Brad died a couple of months ago as a result of be hit by a car in Venice Fla.Kathy Keely took the photo in question and say's it is Roger Morris, also, Kurt Neuman with his back to the camera. GCHB

  5. Looks like Rodger Morris (center 2nd Pic) and Brad at Spanish House in 3rd pic (a surfing spot between Coco Beach and Sebastian Inlet). Just my two cents...


  6. Sue Stewart behind Johnny Frye
    DWhitehead 3/30/14