Sunday, April 25, 2010

Port Royal, Naples Bay & Beyond

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  1. Starting at the corner of 21st Avenue South, properties that front on the west-side of Gordon Drive extend from the edge of Gordon Drive all the way out to the beach (above Mean-high-tide).

    Some of the more notable names were/are John Slater; Raymond Lutgert, Park-Shore developer; Steven F. Briggs, Briggs and Stratton Motors; Dale Chlumsky of the Chlumsky Bldg. on 3rd Street.

    This picture really lets you see the inland waterway behind Keewaydin, through Dollar Bay and on to Little Marco.

    Water-skiing that end of the bay and then the channel to Marco first thing in the morning was like skiing on a sheet of glass.

    NHS Class of '67

    11:49 p.m. PDT