Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1960 Swamp Buggy Badge

I'll have to do my homework on these dates but the Parade was real close in date to Hurricane Donna. So being, this would have probably survived Donna if there was a parade. For those followers that weren't here you had to grow a beard during Swamp Buggy Days. During the parade if you didn't have a beard you HAD TO fork over a dollar for a badge or Swamp Buggy Buck. If you were caught watching the parade without either you were physically manhandled & drug out of your seat & thrown into the mobile jail! It was no tip toe through the tulips, ferry cross the mersey, walk in the park, politically correct event! It was quite a sight to see if you were a kid on a bicycle I don't recall anyone that actually deserved such a fate ever getting their just desert. I still have a list of folks that could use one of these....and I don't mean a badge either.

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  1. My dad got chucked into the SB jail one year ('63?). Me & my mom laughed our butts off.