Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Bindlestiff

The Bindlestiff was a small bar built out of an converted old house. It was owned by 3 partners John Noonan, Les Crown & Bill "Willard" Woodward. It sat on the north trail (where Midwest/Stewart Title sits now) & shared the property line with the adjacent property another bar called the Open Hearth (formerly the Port Hole & sat where KFC sits today). The Stiff was designed to resemble an old rail train station & on Friday & Saturday nights they would play 8mm B&W Laurel & Hardy & Abbott & Costello movies. It was only in business from sometime in 1972 to possibly 1976 & was a very popular place for young people to hang out. I remember the floor always being covered in peanut shells casings & believe peanuts were always free. On good nights there were 3 bartenders, 2 floor walkers & 2 sheriff patrol cars that sat in the Ford dealership parking lot across the street. I guess it was a good revenue source bars by night, dirtbikes by day.......
Bindlestiff Wikipedia explaination link

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