Tuesday, July 14, 2009

East 41 & Davis Blvd @ Sandpiper Street

Hands down one of my favorite photo's! The East Naples Shopping Plaza (or Clumsky Building) at 41 & Sandpiper housed the Italian Kitchen & Barker Drugs. (In reality the American gas station was at that corner not the shopping plaza). The Clumsky building really never ever was completed it sat that way for years. Hands down the coolest picture of a mosquito plane (cough,cough) no telling how many people moved to an early permanent residence in Naples Park (111th Ave graveyard) from breathing this stuff. I always said everyone is dying to live in Naples Park. Anytime I hear a stupid statement from an old timer I always figure they must of followed too close to the mosquito fogger truck on their bicycle and who didn't. Boat Haven without pavement Chrisse Morse told me Phil her dad (Boat Haven's owner) never liked asphalt pavement. Who in this town doesn't have a Boat Haven related story?

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  1. The old Chlumsky Building was also the original site of the Naples Campus of ECC. I spent many miserable nights there and some good ones too!