Monday, July 13, 2009

Ziegfield Troy/Blue Carribean Driving Range

This photo was shot from WT Grants ( where Office Depot sits today) looking east over Naples High School & looking down Golden Gate Parkway. I remember when Grants opened, in a Naples frame of mind you were thinking there must be a golf cart or shuttle bus to take you down to automotive, it was one HUGE store. The town was so small ( I never really got the sleepy fishing village thing) everything was large or too far outta town. Until you went to high school (and Naples High was the only one) you never got out that far. Unless you were going to Ft Myers to eat at McDonalds & take in the mall but why not drive on in to Tampa if you were up that way?

FYI:TGI Fridays & Panera Bread sit on this driving range now.


  1. hey homeboy, is that you smoking in the woods? Whit at work.

  2. there was nothing better than the open face turkey dinner in the grants restaurant in the mid 60s