Monday, July 6, 2009

Brookside Homeboys Former Digs

Ah yeah, the trusty old 4 Walls sign! It created many years of teenage embarrassment, my dad was the City Of Naples traffic engineer & had it made from an old KEEP RIGHT (on the back side it said KEEP RIGHT) street sign. Anytime anyone would offer me a ride home I would always plea for them to drop me off at the end of the street! No one would go for it & I would be stuck with the 4thwall nickname for a week or two. These days the only thing that comes close is forgetting my senior discount card at the shuffleboard courts...

Dig those 1974-75 Brookside home prices! At least we were LOVELY CLEAN & WELL MAINTAINED!


  1. I THOUGHT I recognized that pic of you on your profile! I remember my dad saying he paid $8K for our house on 18th Ave S. Estimated price today: $2.6 million. Amazing.

  2. I remember the 4 walls sign:), Dad paid about $18,000 for our old house just down the street. Last time I heard of it selling was for around $150.000, I saw it on Google maps and it doesn't look much different.