Monday, July 6, 2009

Don Glancy

Mr. Glancy was a wonderful teacher who challenged us to think about things from all points of view.

He was a also a very good friend.

He was always ready with a quip and an opinion, and I am a much better person for having known him.

He was also a Member Emeritus of the Loyal Order of Boogerettes, and our faculty advisor for the group.

We were so lucky at NHS to have so many exceptional teachers.



  1. Glancy was also adjunct faculty at OMI, Ocala Meatpacking Institute.

  2. Don Glancy had the most acerbic wit,which many people really didn't get. I loved sparring with him during English class. Of course, I did learn enough to make all A's in literature related courses in college.

    "Martin L." Jones
    Class of 70