Sunday, August 23, 2009

3rd Street & Broad Avenue South

This shot was taken from Cook's Laundromat, from the looks of it there appears to be a wrecking crane. This was probably there to demolish the Beach Store & theatre. In my opinion this was the beginning of the end of the town I grew up in. I'm not complaining I still love this town but it radically changed from this point on. In my conversations with most of the people that I grew up with here, most of them left town in the mid 70's. I moved away for 7 years & returned in 1996 & it looked pretty much the same & then all hell broke loose. As soon as you see surveying sticks & un mowed grass whatever is there in usually gone in a week or two.
Please read Jim B's comments on this post it makes this blog worth doing!


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing these old photos of Naples. I have been going to Naples since 1952 after my father built a house on Gordon. I was just down there last week for a visit. As a child, I use to ride my bike the the Naples Beach store and Theater to watch the same movie all week long.Television was off at 7 and all the stores,except the beach store, closed at 5, I knew Margaret and Arnold Haynes very well. Brendon Haynes, their son, was my age. I knew his older Bucky before he and his family were killed flying down to Naples to visit. Arnold always wore his white shirt and black Bow-tie as he worked the register. I miss the days at the lunch counter after church at St. Ann's. I spent many hours on the floor next to the ice cream machine reading the comic's and war magazines. My father built the very first boat house at the end of Gordon drive. I have photos of it sitting by itself before Mr. Sample built the rest of them. I will ty to scan the photos I have ans send them to you.

  2. Correction: Margaret and Arlold Haines.

  3. I recall Cook's Laundromat when I was a kid. My mom used to do the laundry there in the late 60's to early 70's.

    I also recall the beach store and the old theater shown in the pic. I recall seeing Jesus Christ Superstar there as a kid.