Saturday, August 15, 2009

East Trail @ Davis Blvd

In this photo the never ending & never completed (kinda like Bob Dylan's tour) Clumsky building. The American gas station @ Sandpiper, the Barn (liquor joint) next door the Burger Queen & then Food Bank. Off in the distance the VFW Hall a place for early rock concerts, the Footnotes played there. I was too young to go in but saw them arrive in a funky weird old funeral hearse. Really long hair, biker lookin' dudes you didn't see anything like this in 60's Naples. Oh yeah one more tore down landmark, Chesser's Laundromat on Davis a Naples tradition up until not long ago.

Photo taken September 17th 1968
Courtesy the Les Whitaker Jr. Family
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  1. We treated the Clumsky Building as our own private country club all through middle school. Held minibike world championship races in the back building which was all sand under the roof.

  2. was'nt that burger joint called burger palace?

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