Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Naples Theatre & Trail Drive-In Two Sided Playcards

These were given out for free at the Beach Store & the Trail Drive-In to let you know what was playing at both places the next week. At the drive-in I thought I might have listened to my headphones a little too loud but it was always the mosquitoes buzzing not my ears. I also remember the blue ceramic tile that lined the walls of the lobby at the Naples Theatre & the smell of the popcorn. And the BIG 'NT' above the movie screen, Spicer said he saw it in the dumpster when they tore it down & grabbed it & took it home but lost track of it. Al McLenon once asked Andy, Do you know what that 'NT' stands for? Andy said no & Al replied NUTTYTOWN! Still rings true all these years later :):):)

The drive-in was located at the southwest corner of 111th Ave N. & the North Trail. You could park & watch the movies for free along 110th Avenue North but good hearing was required.

Playcards courtesy Gerry Johnson

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  1. Sitting between the Australian pines and fence on 110th ave (w/friends,joint/s and beer)watching 'JAWS' for the 20th time.

    Ahhhhhh, flashback to 1975