Saturday, August 8, 2009

Four Corners Center Of The Universe

Don Spicer & I would walk home from late night Frisbee marathons at the Beach Store & on the way we would lay out in middle of 4 Corners & watch the lights change. I tell people now & they say "Well didn't you get ran over"? And then you'd have to explain that Naples closed down at 9pm (or earlier) & at 1 am in the morning the only other person out would be Barry Kee from the Police Department.

Photo taken sometime in late 1963


  1. Danny is dead on about rolling up the town at 6 or 7pm. When 7-11 hours were from 7am to 11pm and we didn't even have a 7-11...

    The old WT.Grants next to Publix on 41 closed at 7pm, and in the summer I think it was 5 or 6pm.


  2. Ed Frank and some boys were bored one night and set some chairs on fire under the light and watched them burn for something to do.

  3. Ed Frank & some boys were bored so they set some chairs on fire in the road under the light for something to do.