Sunday, August 16, 2009

Royal Palm Service Station & Club 41

I really don't know much about this place other than it's former location. It sat on the northeast corner of 4 Corners (where the Gulf gas station sits in the photo on another post). I try to give a little history into the time I've spent in Naples. Not the time I wasn't because to me these days you don't know what has been tacked on to make the story interesting. I tend to do this with say an example, Elvis @ Cambier Park but by now you've probably figured I'm a little full of myself. The history of Naples has been kinda beat to death. I find how many cable customers there were in 1968 much more interesting than who had the 1st house on the beach. If you want a good Naples history lesson just follow the parade of backhoes & dump trucks to their next casualty.


  1. an older geezer said the building was owned by the colliers and the gas station was run by jw briggs.the restaurant on the left of the building was owned by jack austin and was called jacks,which also served as the bus station.boze reynolds ran the bar,club 41.he does'nt remember much about chicken in the basket but say's there are a bunch of good stories about the bar.

  2. I wonder if they have an RC Cola and a moon pie? whit at work