Sunday, August 30, 2009

East Trail @ Boat Haven

From the looks of the traffic heading east McDonald's must have opened this day. My latest mission was to try & locate John Grey former Mercury Outboard mechanic at Boat Haven. And you ask but Homeboy, why John Grey? He was the owner/designer of the one & only Golden Orchid/Hawaiian Pearl that pink & purple Edsel with the shark fin trunk lid. I emailed Chrisse or Miss "B" Haven former owner of Boat Haven to try & locate him. She gave me his last known whereabouts but the trail came up cold. That car was truly a 60's Naples icon it was like the local Batmobile or something. Between that & a photo of the Anchor Lounge (with it's happy dancing feet) are 2 of the things I'm finding hardest to locate. If anyone can give me a heads up on a photo of either it would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Keep diggin' Danny (aka Brookside Homeboy)you can do it!

    Didn't John (Golden Orchid/Hawaiian Pearl) live in Harmony Shores trailer park just past Kelly Rd. aka Bayshore Dr.????

    I remember riding our bikes to Boat Haven and through the trailer park to look at his car. It had a '59' Cadillac tail fin mounted on the center of the trunk I believe.


  2. In the 70s I used to see the Golden Orchid coming and going to Royal Harbor all the time. Did the immortal John Gray live there, or maybe he was keepin a Royal Harbor girl satisfied? It's an accepted fact that Royal Harbor had the best looking girls in East Naples, and that Brookside Cocunut Circle girls when they reached legal age went to Tampa for male companionship.

  3. In the 60's I lived in Naples. Who is "Brookside Homeboy"?