Monday, August 10, 2009

Palm River & Willoughby Acres Area

Here's a map link to 218 Fairway Circle (the house in this photo) in Palm River.
At the top of this photo is Willoughby Acres.
Photo taken September 17th 1968
Courtesy the Les Whitaker Jr. Family
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  1. Homeboy - I hate to tell you you're wrong, but that's not Fairway Circle. I spent enough time in Palm River and at the PRCC in the early 70's to know that house is on the 2nd hole (or 11th, when the nines were switched). That makes it Golfview Dr. Of course, with all the water they've added in the last 14 years (last time I played there was 96), it's pretty had to tell. But they had to put in more lakes and such to help the place drain better; I remember summers when we'd have to put the bikes away because the water in the streets went up to the seats, and you'd have to leave your car out by the 7/11 and Dinner Theatre on Immokalee Road, or risk it washing away!