Thursday, September 24, 2009

1971-72 Swamp Buggy Badge

Bill Kilgore sent me these badges & made a note saying all of them have the same buggy artwork, it's hard to remember life before Photoshop isn't it?
Interesting comments here!


  1. Does anybody know if the swamp buggy jail still exists or if anybody has any pictures of it.

  2. I believe the Naples High class rings sported a buggy on them? right?


  3. Tara you are soooo correct!

    In my hand I am holding my own NHS class ring from 1967 (a little worn but intact). It is rectangular rather than round. In the center of the blue (glass) stone) is a “Golden Eagle” in flight, wings extended upward and descending with talons extended onto a small "vee shaped" logo that says Naples HS. The stone has a very narrow, raised, patterned, silver inlay on either side.

    The left side of the ring has the 19 on it (long ways) with the 1 stacked above the 9. Below the 19 on the fat part of the band is a raised relief engraving of the "Old Pier" (pre-Donna) and in the background is the horizon with clouds billowing, and perhaps a sunset.

    The right side has the 67 on it (long ways) with the 6 stacked above the 7. Below the 67 on the fat part of the band is a raised relief broadside engraving of (drum-roll please . . .) an Old School Model "A" Swamp Buggy with fat airplane tires (like you see on the Swamp Buggy Badge, but not doing a wheelie), set in front of backdrop of tall pine trees.

    Thanks Tara for queuing me to dig out my old ring.

    I would like to thank a “certain someone” for not throwing my ring off the end of the pier (where I hear quite a few ended up).

    I certainly gave her reason to toss it, but she gave it back instead. Ahhh, be still my heart!

    Seagate Homeboy

  4. They stopped making the "pure" Naples ring when I graduated (71), at least I think they did otherwise I'm sure my mom would have insisted I get one, however I got just the plain old class ring that looked just like any other school ring in the United States.

    I have no idea what happened to mine. I think my second husband, (I figure I'll keep getting married till I get it right)has it, where ever that poor soul may be. Geez, I can't even remember what it looked like. Well, that's OK, I really don't remember what my second husband looked like either.

    My brother had the "Naples" class ring, but alas, I'm afraid his may have gone by way of the end of the Naples pier!

    Lake Park Homegirl