Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mosquito Plane Dusting North Trail At Pippins

Funny thing is in the 60's these planes were as common as backhoes & dump trucks are today. You could almost set your watch to their flight patterns but they would always manage to sneak up on you & scare the hell out of you when you weren't expecting them. I worked in Marco in the late 70's & they would fly between the condos on the beach. You could actually look down on the pilots if you were standing on one of the higher floors.


  1. Homeboy, don't you have a photo of the fogger truck? My siblings and I used to run through the fog every evening after dinner in Lake Park. After we moved, my brother and his Sorrento Gardens gang would follow the truck on their bikes for sport. It sure explains a lot about how we all turned out...........gasp!

    Whit's sister

  2. I remember being 12 at my grandfathers house on Gordon Dr and waiting every morning for that plane to scare the crap out of me!! Love the site keep it up. My grandfather is 90 and still lives in the house he build there in 1949!!

  3. In the early 80's we would be at the bus stop in Golden Gate when the planes would make skim the tree tops. we would throw rocks at them when they were overhead. Yeah I know we were stupid and careless.