Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Community Service Station @ 12th Ave South & 3rd Street South

Now occupied by Hansome Harry's, my reference bored chimed in & stated no way could this photo be 1974 so I'm going with them & agreeing I must be outta my mind for typing that in the 1st place. So I'd venture to say it's sometime in the early 60's? I've heard the story of the man who worked there with the bread basket hat (SUPWIFDAT?) his name was Adam Moog, I love getting these little strange stories of these odd little people & places.
1963 phone # MIdway 2-3423


  1. Hey homeboy, I wouldn't swear to it but it looks like Ad Miller standing in the doorway. Ask seagate homeboy if he remembers Ad driving a T-bird back in the day.

  2. Community Gulf on 3rd St. S. with the cute blonde Gulf girls pumping gas and checking the dip stick oil level....(thinking)

    Linda Evans and her sister, plus Karen Hunseder circa 1975. I believe Mr. Avery owned the station at that time.

    I would have paid $2.00 per gallon back then...
    Plus tip!

    Never mind, did!


  3. This does look like early 60's. The south end of the building was later occupied by Stahlman lawn service. The guy who ran the station wore what looked like a bread basket for a hat, and used to come out and yell at us when we ran over his hose with our bikes, making the bell ring so he thought he had a customer. We thought it was funny then, but now I think he would have been justified to kill us.

  4. Ad Miller, when he wasn't helping you buy Naples real estate "wisely," did drive a white T-Bird. He usually wore a light twinight blue or searsucker tropical weight suit and a white shirt with no tie.