Friday, October 16, 2009

The Blue Barracuda...

This is my “first time” at the top of the page and I am flattered that Brookside Homeboy has allowed me to join him in this little reverie.

I will still post comments in the “Add your 2 cents” area (‘cause it’s easier), and you will likely see me up here from time to time, but that ol’ Brookside Homeboy is most definitely the “Perry White” of this rag...**

**Perry White was the Editor-in-Chief of the “Daily Planet”,

you know, from “Superman”.


There were only two Barracudas in the whole town (I think). Mine was this dark blue 273 cu. in. 1967 "Formula S" shown parked in front of the Cove Inn circa 1969 (40 years ago? Are you kiddin' me?). Ron Hatcher/Stanley had a gold '65 (old body).

Then there was the night that the dark green ’69 Barracuda fastback from Rhode Island showed up. We looked like twins in the dark; except he was sporting a “383” and a license plate that read “GONE”.

There I was with my little “273” with the “‘solid lifters” stopped side by side with him, pointed north, at the Central Avenue red-light. We were both rapping our pipes, trying to be macho, and preparing for the inevitable....

Green Light!!!!! First gear... burning rubber, tires screaming. Power-shift into second gear... I’m starting to pull him just a little (my car was lighter than his 383)... 6700 RPM speed-shift into third gear (I was good, just ask anyone...) we’re neck and neck just approaching Dog ’n’ Suds, EVERYBODY heard us coming... And then... and then...

Officer Byron Tomlinson...

Siren, lights, spotlight, the whole 9 yards...

Yeah, right in front of Dog ’n” Suds.

Mr. "GONE" was told to leave town immediately and never come back.

Me, I got a stern warning from Byron who did the whole cop routine (really, he was good). Byron was a few years ahead of me at NHS making him about 24, and he had been NPD for a couple of years.

The entertainment value for the crowd watching from Dog ‘n’ Suds was, how you say... “priceless”.

"Thank you Byron for pulling me over ‘cause I was about to get beat, and thank you for not writing me a ticket, I’m sure you will have ample opportunity in the future".

I gave him that opportunity, about half an hour later ‘cept I was racing someone else coming from Publix headed south.

Man, you talk about busted...

This time, no warning, I got the ticket, a big one.... Dang, Byron, I was winning.

Thanks for not tossing me in jail....

Seagate Homeboy

11:24 p.m. PDT


  1. Wow, in front of the Dog N Suds, how cool is that!

    Didn’t Byron have a brother? And did he or his brother, or both of them catch huge sting rays and or sharks at the pier? I think I remember these brothers doing that, or I could be wrong, but I do remember witnessing a large stingray catch at the pier, watching the whole thing, it took most of the day. What a sight. The ray was as big as the hood of a large car.

    Lake Park Homegirl

  2. Kim Kelsey had a red barracuda. He worked at Boat Haven for along time. But there weren't many of them.

  3. You're right LPH.

    Byron had an older brother named Tommy who I seem to recall spent a lot of time at the pier fishing for (and catching) the big stuff.


    Ironside thanks for jostling my memory.

    K.K. had a red '67 or '68 "notchback", mine was a fastback with the big back glass over the cargo area and fold flat rear seat (wink, wink).

    My roommate at the time Bill Kurke (R.I.P.), worked with Kim at Boat Haven along with "Roddy", "Woody", and John of "The Golden Orchid"/"Hawaiian Pearl" fame.

    Seagate Homeboy

    8:01 AM PDT

  4. Lt Byron Tomlinson passed away several years ago...RIP.

    His son, Byron Tomlinson Jr., is a police officer today...following in his fathers footsteps.

  5. There was one other '67 Barracuda in the area.
    It was down on Marco Island...a black Cuda.I know...because my husband owned it.It was "souped up"...he dropped a 383 in it...he couldn't keep a set of tires on it for more than 3 months (racing all of the time).He eventually traded pink slips ..can't remember for sure, always trading slips...but I think it was for a Road Runner.

  6. Anonymous,

    That's interesting. Is Byron Jr. a police officer in Naples? City or County? I'm sure he would be interested in this blog and the history of his father's town.

    Lake Park Homegirl

  7. Lake Park Homegirl;

    I believe someone told me Byron Jr. was with the CCSO. Not positive though.

  8. My husband just looked at your car and said you prolly got laid in it every 5 minutes!!

  9. It wasn't every "5" minutes . . . but the rear seat back folded flat and the cargo area door folded flat into the trunk with pillows stashed on either side; there were blue lights in the roof pillars and a blue light under the dash.

    I could name names . . . but I prefer to remain a discreet gentleman.

    Seagate Homeboy
    NHS Class of '67

    7:14 a.m. PST