Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vanderbilt Beach Road @ Vanderbilt Drive & Naples Park

Photo taken from where the Ritz Carlton sits today looking northeast. Of interest in this photo is Trader Zeke's Marina (ran by Captain Jim Houser) on Center Street, long gone now. Interesting side note the little duplex motel rooms from there were moved to the lake between 107th Ave North & 108th. Probably more useless trivia but it's my job to be as useless as I possibly can. A person can never have enough useless information & if you visit here often your sure to get your fill!

PS: If you click the photo & blow it up you can also see the Trail Drive-In Theatre on 41 & 111th these color photos are stunning if you study them. Pay close attention there will be a test at the end of class.

Photo courtesy of the the Les Whitaker Jr. family.
Photo taken September 17th 1968


  1. Great picture Danny!
    I think I can spot no less than a dozen homes that I knew as friends back then. And probabaly walked every mile of Naples Park as a very young teenager at 1:00am in 1972 while making the break from Alcatraz/sneaking out ...

    Thanks for the flashback Danny.


  2. Hey, Scott, I walked every mile of Naples Park in 1972 at 1:00am also. Did you live on Germain?


  3. I grew up on Palm Court--the first (short) street off Vanderbilt Drive (across from 93rd Ave). I was about 4 when this pic was taken. Only 2 houses on the street at the time (us and the Easterlys on the corner). I was so very fortunate to have grown up here! Thanks for preserving the memories!! --Phil Cunningham

  4. Spent a couple of summers down there with my cousins the Housers kids. Jimmy and I had the greatest time fishing and turtle watching on the beach. Learned to drive in Jim's old wagoneer. Those were the days!