Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Queen & The Badge 1974-75

Priscilla Schweppe quite a unique name for 60's Naples being most people here had nick names like Shorty, Dufuss, Bozo etc. I went to junior high & high school with Pris & can truly say she was one very funny person. If my memory serves me, I believe I met her in the hall outside of class that was usually where I met all my friends being that's where they would put you when you'd laugh too hard. I had a pretty funny Pris & I tailing a Naples Police car story but I ran out of wind & stopped typing. I think I'll have to hire another writer......
Pris told me after she did the queen dunking thing she was sick for some time after from a mouth full of Sippy hole water. I can't even imagine what all was in that water, can you?

Photo: Pris & I've got it on good reference it's Gary Hartford on the right.
Badge courtesy Bill Kilgore

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  1. I bet she's still a HOTD!

    And where's Brad at these days? (her brother)

    Scott Boxwell

    Or in Brookside Homeboys case...BOXWELL!!!!