Thursday, October 8, 2009

Broad Avenue South Postcards

Homeboy Warning: Viewing these Broad Avenue South photo's can cause nightmare's or cramps!


  1. Hey, remember being parked at the beach late at night, (when that sort of thing went unnoticed), gosh, don't remember why we may have been parked at the beach late at night, gee, I guess it could have been for any number of reasons, but anyway...

    Remember being parked and the only sounds in the midst of the silence was the soft crashing of the waves, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, oh and maybe a couple of lips smacking and then, all of the sudden... whack!... thud!! and you would jump out of your seat, thinking it was somebody's Mom or Dad, looking for somebody's lips smacking?.... Only to figure out later it was a coconut falling out of one of the trees!

    Oh, Man! Falling coconuts, the best birth control of the time and a place called Wonderful Naples on the Gulf!...

    Oh my, all this reminiscing has done something to me. Excuse me folks.

    Lake Park Homegirl

    HONEY, hey Honey, you home? Come here sweetie, mama's got something to show ya!.....

  2. I never liked Broad. Least favorite Naples Street because it was actually a hill and unnatural for somebody raised in the city to ride a banana seat bike up. Don't post anymore photos of it. Causes nightmares and cramps.

  3. Yeah, I smoked some of that stuff once too. Made me see colors and say strange things....

    I built my own banana seat bike with ape hangers and fatty tires to ride on the beach....

    "All in a dream, all in a dream, the loading had begun...."

    How about those submarine races...?

    There goes my brain again....